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ABOUT MEAll About CEO YappiX LLC Renat Usmanov



  • Management, accounting, concept development, idea, UI/UX
  • Control of the team’s work;
  • Team motivation and management decision-making;
  • Ensuring and improving the work of all business processes of the company;
  • Planning the company’s activities in the context of indicators and tasks;
  • Budgeting and cost control;
  • Cost optimization;
  • Achieving planned profitability results;
  • Continuous work on improving sales technology and increasing customer loyalty.

More than eight years of development of content management systems such as site builder, hybrid mobile applications. He assisted in the implementation of the Siberian CMS core, which gave him experience in understanding the specifics and problems of developing a mobile app builder. In the process of implementation and promotion, Siberian CMS has acquired a wide range of acquaintances, including not only future partners of the YappiX CMS project but also more than 2.5 thousand subscribers waiting for the launch of our platform. Interaction with third-party international web studios was also conducted, on the basis of which the necessary functionality for the application designer was formed. Custom website and mobile app development.

Assistance in launching and promoting web studios in Russia and abroad. During the development of the core for Siberian CMS, he acquired professional skills in UI / UX design: Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AIR. Knowledge of programming languages: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, TypeScript.


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