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While developing mobile applications of various functionality (from mobile trade union committee to food delivery applications), the project team noticed a number of problems that companies face when developing their own applications (high cost of individualized development, low functionality of existing application designers), which led to the idea of developing their own affordable application designer with a wide range of functionality and a variety of templates.

Initially, the first version of the platform was developed, intended for creating hybrid applications. Currently, it is used by such companies as SayItService, Siberian CMS, Apponator, Profi-web (White Label software), and many other companies (for creating applications).

For the development of the project in 2018, a grant was received from the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation, within which the basic functionality was successfully developed (in the appendix you can find the act on the implementation of the company’s declared R & D).

In 2019, certificates of registration of the computer program and database were obtained (which can also be found in the appendix). Given the high competition in the chosen market (mainly from foreign companies), we are constantly developing and looking for opportunities to optimize business processes. In 2020, the company became a resident of the IT park in Kazan, the main focus of which is to support and support promising technology companies. In the same year, Yappix CMS passed the first expert commission of the international venture fund Runa Capital, which supports high-tech companies in the early stages of their development.

In 2021, we became members of the Skolkovo Innovation Center (Moscow, Russia)


Our Time Line (HISTORY)

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Start YappiX | Sep 2015

This year I put together my first own team of 2 developers. We created simple mobile apps. Along the way, they sold a modified Siberian CMS.

sep 15 2015
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Membership | Nov 2015

This year, the idea to develop your own app builder was born. With this idea, we became residents of the IT Park accelerator (Naberezhnye Chelny)

Nov 2015
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Researching | Feb 2018

We won a Government
Grant by FASIE on researching (YAPPIX CMS)

Feb 28 2018
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Patent | Apr 2019

Certificate on intellectual property on the computer program

ROSPATENT №2019614779 2019-04-12

Apr 2019
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1-ST investor | Apr 2019

1st Angel Investor. Rishat S. We have raised money:

Jun 2019
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2-ND investor | Apr 2020

2nd Friend Investor. Marat Sharipov. We have raised money:

Apr 2020
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Residents of the IT Park | Apr 2020

We became residents of the IT Park accelerator (Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny) with the YappiX CMS project

Apr 2020
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Open YappiX LLC | Nov 2020

We opened a company in the United States, then moved all our intangible assets there

Nov 2020
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Residents of the IC Skolkovo | Apr 2021

We have become residents of the Skolkovo Innovation Center (Moscow, Russia)


Apr 2021


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